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Unit for reducing vibrations.

New patented vibration-reducing unit for standing- and sitting solutions securing better comfort and a much improved work environment

The surface on which you drive often creates unpleasant schocks. These in combination with the vibrations produced by the vehicle which you use transfer to the entire body.

Get ahead with the patented vibration-reducing unit

Giudance on reguirements concerning a better work environment

When knowledge from physiotherapy is used for development

The unit delivered by Nomotus provides maximun relief within limited space

We are proud of our patent solution which absorbs vibrations and schocks.
The solution lifts comfort and work environment to new standards, for employees who drive for several hours on uneven grounds every day.

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A solution developed for vehicles
with limited space for design, comfort
and ergonomics

Get optimal individual solutions for your challenges caused by vibrations

A unique patent based on special knowledge enables us to offer excellent individual vibration-reducing solutions.
These are based on our comprehensive expertise and special knowledge about the anatomy of the body and its ability to absorb and relieve.

Our solutions offer comfort without compromising machine handling, and they support security, efficiency and durability.
Our know-how and tested processes make us a reliable partner.

Chosen case:

Vehicle for transporting beds in hospitals