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About Nomotus

New knowledge from physiotherapy used for development

As a physiotherapist one can only be fascinated by the human body and its ability to function in many situations.

A handball player endures hits and contacts with the flooring many times. A runner, jumper, soldier, dancer and many others must adapt to schocks, vibrations, repetitions and development. The foot is one of the most adaptable parts of the skeleton in the human body. Weighing only around 100 gram it is able to support much more than 100 kilos. Man and the animal kingdom are unique and every species has developed its own specific characteristics.

“Inspiration from physiotherapy where many injuries come from the
Strength, mobility, flexibility, stress, over load and other things. These are importent elements in the advance concerning training and rehabilitation.”
This universe has inspired me to form the vibration-reducing patent and development of products.

To obtain licence for the patent

Nomotus has obtained a strong patent in more than 40 countries. We wish for the patent and product to find use in many situations. The unit is especially suitable for smaller machines and vehicles used in the industry. We especially seek to enter close partnerships with manufacturers and offer the opportunity to achieve licensed usage for standard or individual solutions within the fields of dampening and vibrations.

Ergonomic challenges and back pain were accelerators for the process of development

The idea for the patent emerged from a need in the hospital sector. Midtvask in Skejby hospital handles transport of beds and linen to and from sections within the entire hospital. This includes much transport using small vehicles with special designs so they can move equipment and be used in elevators and small entrances at the same time. Due to much transport the need arose to dampen the small and increasingly stressing vibrations caused by bumpiness and a lack of comfort. The idea emerged and a prototype was tested in the autumn of 2018.

The process of development


In october Rfys completes a health project with Midtvask Skejby. An unsolved problem concerning seat comfort on vehicles transporting beds within the hospital has been discovered. Employees suffer from bad seats and are exposed to many vibrations from machine and flooring. An agreement to create a prototype is reached and the idea has been born. A patent application is written while the prototype is created.


Turret and dampening of seat adapted to A Flensborg - ac24 bed transporters are produced for Midtvask. 12 units for a start. Concurrently other models for dampening and suspension for A Flensborg's machines are produced.


The Growth Fund approves supporting Nomotus' invention. The Innobooster Project is also approved, thus creating the foundation for in-depth development and gathering of knowledge used to invent products for dampening vibrations within the field of small industrial vehicles.


Completion of growth project with Innobooster. Production and sales of seat-units for ´Skejbymodel´ bed transporters. All machines at Skejby Hospital are fitted with seat-units.


The development of a suspended seat for small industrial machines takes shape. The goal is for the unit to operate within 50-120 kilos without adjusting the weight. These demands are met. A high level of dampening, also outside the field of whole-body vibrations (above 80Hz.)

Contact us


Erik Schmidt

Developer / Physiotherpist / Owner

mobile +45 26 74 12 17