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Vores vibrationsdæmper

absorberer mikroslag fra alle vinkler

Our vibration-reducing unit

absorbs micro schocks from every angle

Many micro schocks in the course of a day may stress the body. We have developed a dampening unit which drastically improves the user-comfort of your vehicles.
This technology has obtained an international patent.

The innovative development of the vibration-reducing unit is based on the principles for body-movement known from physical therapy - transferred to construction of the units. Among others the use of moving machines on uneven grounds must meet demands concerning:

• Flexibility
• Mobility
• Stability
• Strength

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Our unit absorb more schocks than alle other solutions on the market

Focus is on user comfort

Vibrations are measured in different ways. Whole-body-vibrations follow a standard and are measured in Hz from 1-80 Hz.

Vibrations from machines and surfaces above 80 Hz are not included in this standard. Our unit excells in absorbing vibrations in a very large area of frequencies from 1-1000 Hz. Especially secondary vibrations from running motors and rotating parts are absorbed effectively.

Efficiency due to increased work speed

Standardized tests of machinery are always carried out in optimal conditions.

We include vibrations produced when machinery works effectively in challenging situations.

By reducing and absorbing vibrations in work-ralated situations the body is relieved from stress, resulting in increased comfort and optimised work-speed in challenging environments.

Improvement of work environment

Comfort results in employees feeling better with increased levels of energy.
Decreased levels of illness are not the only focus for a modern, healthy environment.
Happy employees provide better service and bring more energy to customers and company.

Integrate our vibration-reducing unit and get ahead of your competitors!

Our focus is on close collaboration with manufacturers of small industrial machinery. The unit can be adapted to your individual production and machinery. In some cases it is possible to achieve exclusive patended rights within a limited area. We are ready to improve your product drastically regarding comfort and user friendliness.


Focus is on user health

By combining health and improvement of comfort it becomes possible for the individual employee to operate your machinery for longer periods of time. Thus, it is also possible to retain employees showing different physical disabilities.